November 14, 2011

Helpful People Boxes

Hello! We've just posted "Helpful People Boxes" on YouTube, our latest video in Kayla's teaching series. In this short presentation Kayla introduces the Helpful People box and its uses according to the principles of Feng Shui. We have included many practical examples of her own beautifully hand-decorated boxes, and how she has applied them.

This project makes our most extensive use yet of the "green screen" -- i.e., Kayla's kitchen wall -- to present accompanying images, most of which were shot expressly for this purpose.

For the full set of Kayla's videos, visit the Chayla Productions channel on YouTube.

October 5, 2011

Chip and Kayla's Zip-Line Adventure

When we're not empowering and inspiring our readers and viewers, we sometimes empower and inspire ourselves by slipping away for a little fun. Neither Kayla nor I had been zip-lining before, and there is a great course in Felton, just a few miles from Santa Cruz. On Sunday, September 18 2011 we took a short drive to a different world.

Located within the Mt. Hermon conference grounds, Redwood Canopy Tours offers a guided experience through redwood tree tops over six separate zip-lines and two sky bridges.

-- Chip

September 7, 2011

The Power of Journaling

“The most important promises are the ones I make to myself.”
- Maryanne Radmacher

• I use tarot & astrology as a daily meditation tool, to focus on my career, my relationships, and my creativity. They serve as moment in my journey where I look at the map of my life and decide which direction to take. But I don’t just stay stuck looking at the map - journaling is one of the steps I take to put into action what I have been contemplating.

• You can have many different kinds of journals, that you write in at different times of your life. Just as your checkbook is a record of your spending habits, journals can reflect your patterns and serve as a reminder of the positive “emotional deposits” Elisa talked about in her presentation.

• Kinds of journals: Business notes, daily affirmations, dreams (night and day), poetry, sketches, coloring books, blank books or notebook paper put into a binder, a photo album or scrap books, engagement calenders.

• Who is your audience? Well, you, of course, but it also could be your children, your spouse or lover, your business colleagues, your therapist, your best friend.

• Privacy: there is so much temptation to read someone else’s journal. When my lover read mine, I stopped writing for 5 or 6 years. When getting divorced, I read my spouses' journal and found out things I really didn’t want to know. Talk about Pandora’s box.

• There is a lot of power in writing in your journal (or on loose leaf paper) all your thoughts and feelings, and then burning or otherwise destroying them. Recently I drew a horrible picture of myself being controlled by my last lover - it was quite a relief to destroy it.

• Time: even just five minutes a day can grow into a disciplined practice (like flossing your teeth or exercise). This is time for YOU, time to focus on achieving something you desire. keeping a little notebook in your bag is helpful for those odd moments of standing in the bank line. Putting the TV on mute and jotting down thoughts during commercials can reactivate your brain waves.

• Your other favorite tool is your PEN: do you like blue or black ink? Pencil? Colored pencils? Markers? Paints? I highly recommend crayons...
• To quote from the 5 of Wands card - Keep your expression flowing. Stop editing yourself and let go of concern about what comes out. Be playful. The openness of play allows for inventiveness and newness in a way that high expectations do not. (from The Tarot of Transformation by Willow Arlenea & Jasmin Lee Cori)

• You are writing your story and you can change your story - one exercise I did was to divide the page into columns and in the first write a sentence that begins “I wish...” the second column is the same sentence that starts with “I will”. This takes you out of wishful thinking into your will power, because it pushes you to the next step of figuring out HOW to achieve your goal. Examples:

I wish I had more money to I WILL have more money
I wish I was friends with my ex to I WILL be friends with my ex
I wish I had more tome to write in my journal to I WILL have more time to write in my journal

• Other exercises:
- Goals in the next month, year, five years
- List what you are afraid of. Burn it.
- List what makes you happy. Keep it.
- Pull a tarot card, medicine (animal) card, or angel card. Sketch it.
- Cartoons of you
- Songs, poems, quotes by others that inspire you
- Same as above, go from “I fear...” to “I wonder...”
- Pure color (finger painting)
- Create a couples journal, or a friendship journal
- That letter you would never send
- Who am I?
- Love letters to yourself

• Some book recommendations:
Earth Art Critters coloring books by Sue Coccia
The Coloring Book for Big Girls by Sudie Rukusin
When Your Heart Speaks, Take Good Notes: The Healing Power of Writing by Susan Borkin
The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity -- by Julia Cameron
The Creative Journal by Lucia Capacchione

“Turn your wish bone, daughter, into a back bone”
- author unknown

August 31, 2011

Power of Affirmations

In this short, entertaining lecture, Kayla Garnet Rose introduces the power of affirmations to activate personal change. From historical examples across a range of cultures, to well-known contemporary phrases and blessings, Ms. Rose demonstrates how affirmations create emotional deposits for self-esteem and confidence.

The Power of Affirmations

Focused Intentions

When a client comes for a session, the first step is to identify their goals and desired outcome. During hypnosis in particular, the client can imagine a new way of being and can take the steps to have it happen, as well as tap into their motivation as a program to success. During trance, the client is given suggestions to support their solutions.

Blessed Be

Affirmations are used in transpersonal psychology, but are also cross cultural. Prayers, mantras, chants, and blessings affirm one's place in the universe. Even something as little as saying "bless you" or "Gesundheit" after a sneeze is that affirmation of "may you be blessed with health." We are also familiar with the expressions "Bon Appetit" or from AA "One day at a time."

Positive Thinking Works

Affirmations can be found everywhere: fortune cookies, horoscopes, angel cards, bumper stickers, quotes, and even lines from your favorite songs.

I recently read that Melissa Ethridge kept a scrap of paper on which her surgeon had scribbled "You will be fine" next to her bed during her treatment for breast cancer, and how important it was for her to repeat those words as part of her healing process.

Power of Suggestion

The suggestions used are affirmations, a positive way to reinforce the client process. Affirmations work both during trance and as an anchor in daily life to continue to activate the subconscious mind and create constructive associations. As seen the documentary, What the Bleep Do We Know?, it is in this way you can create new neural pathways to release different neuro chemicals then the ones you could be addicted to out of past programming.

Gentle Reminders

Affirmations can be placed anywhere: in your bathroom, on mirrors, in your car, your fridge, your wallet, your computer screen saver. In my car I have a little dashboard compartment that when I flip up reveals the quote, "She Who Laughs, Lasts."

Affirmations are especially effective when put into the third person, and when put into the past tense. They change wishful thinking into willful thinking. Notice the difference in the saying "I wish I didn't have a broken heart"to "I will heal my broken heart" to "You have healed your heart.

Power of Affirmations

From the dictionary - To affirm: to state or assert positively; to maintain as true; to confirm. Quite simply to make firm - to use as a foundation or basis for one's beliefs. Affirmations offer comfort support and motivation.

Emotional Deposits

When we compliment another person, we are affirming their reality, we build their bank of self esteem by giving them an emotional deposit. Affirmations repeated for yourself add to your own bank of self-esteem for a feelings of confidence and personal success.

Engage Your Senses

Affirmations are especially effective when used with other modalities, for example using a hand mudra or other physical cue, or associating it with a scent. One client had a fear of flying, but through hypnosis she associated the smell of lavender with being relaxed, and before each flight would breathe in a sachet of lavender to feel calm and at ease.

Change is Our Friend

When you stop seeing your affirmation, it's often because you have incorporated that message, or that message no longer serves you. Change your affirmations as you evolve into who you want to become.

Chakra Balancing Meditation

Chakra balancing meditation with Kayla Garnet Rose. Experience feeling balanced at each energetic level of your being.

I am balanced in my mind.
I am focused and engaged in creative & productive ways.

I am balanced in my vision.
I allow myself to dream and I follow through on my ideas.

I am balanced in my communication.
I listen attentively and I speak my truth compassionately.

I am balanced in my heart.
I am here to give love and I am here to receive love.

I am balanced in my belly.
I am beauty and I am laughter.

I am balanced in my boundaries.
I take in what I need and I let go of what no longer serves me.

I am balanced at the root of my being.
I attract what I need to grow and I fulfill all my desires.

Blessed Be.

(kgr 2006)

Happy as a Clam

Laughter is still the best medicine. This humorous meditation was inspired by a spelling error in a comment on one of our other videos: "clam" instead of the intended "calm".

Just For Today

Practice this short simple meditation, based upon the five principles of Reiki, to foster feelings of equanimity, loving kindness and acceptance.

Just for today...

I let go of anger, knowing I can gently express my inner needs
I let go of worry, choosing to trust that I have been heard
I am deeply thankful, to a kind and benevolent universe
I am focused on my work in creative & productive ways
I am kind and loving, to myself and all beings.
Blessed Be.